Advanced Feature for Online Bible PC users (Android Only)

The app offers Online Bible PC users the option of using content from the PC version in the Android app. This feature has to be purchased in the store. This is a one time fee.

To use this feature select the 'Load modules from the PC version' in the menu of the Store screen. If you have not purchased this feature you will be prompted to do so.

The app will create a folder (Android/data/nl.cross_link.droid.olb/files/OnlineBible) on your device. If you have a removable SD card it will create the same folder on that. When you connect the device to your PC with a USB cable you will be able to browse to this folder with the file explorer.

You need Online Bible PC version 4.34 or higher. The PC version of Online Bible has an option in the Tools menu called 'Configure Mobile Device'.

This feature allows you to select modules and prepare them for use in the Android app.

After preparing the modules copy the content of the prepared modules folder (OnlineBible) to the Android/data/nl.cross_link.droid.olb/files/OnlineBible folder on the device. Make sure ALL files are copied!

After copying select the  'Load modules from the PC version'  option in the menu of the Store screen. It will show which modules are succesfully loaded.


The app does not support all types of modules.

  • Only compiled modules are supported.
  • Only unicode modules are supported. Non unicode english modules will also work
  • Bible, Lexicon, Notes (commentary) and Dictionary type modules are supported
  • Book modules have LIMITED support
  • Map and Library modules are NOT supported