Using notes and commentaries

Select a commentary

Use the Select Reference Title button in the bar of the reference area to select a Notes-set or Commentary. All Notes are grouped together. All Notes and Commentaries are displayed with a short name and title.

For more information on a Note or Commentary press the information button. To return tap the Online Bible icon on left top of the screen.

Select a commentary by tapping the title.

Display a commentary belonging to a particular passage

After selecting a Note/Commentary you can display the note to a particular verse. Tap the Select Item button and select Bible book, chapter and verse in the same way as you select a Bible passage.

If you want to display the note/commentary at the same verse as the Bible passage is displayed in the Bible area, tap the Synchronise scrolling button.

Synchronise note with bible text

You can link the content of the reference area with the Bible text by pressing the synchronise scrolling button. You can see the scrolling is synchronised if the button is highlighted.

With synchronised scrolling you can browse through the Bible text while the reference area is filled with the content belonging to the verse displayed on top of the Bible area.

Switch to another commentary

You can switch to another commentary with the Select Reference Title button. If synchronised scrolling is in the “on”-position it remains “ on”.