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Easy to use, with advanced study features

This app helps you read and study the Bible, find relevant passages and get a better understanding by examining the greek and hebrew source through strong’s numbers.

This free app for iOS, Android and macOS comes with extensive content, including:

  • Authorised (King James) Version with Strong's Numbers

  • Greek and Hebrew Lexicons

  • Thematic and Cross References

Additional bibles and commentaries are available through in-app purchase:

  • English: English Standard Version, New Living Translation, The Message, Complete Jewish Bible, Modern English Version, NET Bible footnotes, NT Background Commentary by Harold Mare and more

  • Deutsch: Schlachter 2000, Elberfelder Bibel CSV-Edition 2006, Neues Leben Bibel, Neue Genfer Übersetzung and more

  • Français: Segond 21, NEG avec Strongs and more

  • ... more content for these and other languages will continually be added

Full content list included with the free app:

  • Authorised Version with Strong's Numbers

  • Hebrew-English Lexicon

  • Greek-English Lexicon

  • Strong's Concise Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible

  • Strong's Concise Dictionary of the Greek Testament

  • Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Notes and Cross-References

  • Themes Dictionary

  • ThemesIndex Study Notes



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Optional free content available in the in-app store:

  • NET Bible

  • Authorised Version with highlighted words of Jesus

  • Dictionary of English Abbreviations

  • Family Study Bible Notes

  • The epistle to the Romans explained especially for you - M.G. de Koning

  • Free downloads in other languages

  • ... more free content will coninually be added