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Purpose of the Online Bible app

The Online Bible app is intended to read and use the Bible and reference works on your Android tablet and mobile.

Concept of the Online Bible app

The Online Bible app uses the same databases as the Online Bible PC software. The app can handle all Online Bible Unicode databases for all languages as well as the older ANSI databases for English titles.

The app is optimised for the use of Bible versions and reference works like commentaries, lexicons and dictionaries. The support for books is limited.

Online Bible Base Pack

Standard the Online Bible Base Pack is installed. This Base Pack gives you quality titles for in-depth Bible study. After installing the app all Base Pack titles are available for use in the app.

More titles available in the Store

You can add more titles from the store. The store contains free downloads as well as paid downloads. To be able to download more titles you need to become a registered user. Advantage of being a registered user is that you can use all titles you obtain from the store on your different Android devices (like your mobile phone as well as your tablet).

Obtaining more titles from the Store is easy. Simply click the Download button for the free titles or the button with price to obtain a title through Google Play. Every download will be linked to your account so that it is available on the devices you use with this account.

Special feature for advanced/legacy Online Bible PC users (android ONLY)

For Online Bible PC users there is an option to unlock an import facility. With this feature you can copy modules from your desktop to your Android device. To unlock this feature you need to buy it first in the store. This unlock is linked to your account so you can use it on all your devices.

Obtaining more titles with this option requires some knowledge and experience working with Windows Explorer. You need to be able to find the right files on your desktop and copy them to the right position on your Android. Imported titles will not be available under your account so you have to repeat this work for every device. If this is too complex for you don’t use this facility but use the Store instead.

Read more about the details and limitation of this feature here